Allergy is an extremely common medical condition which affects both children and adults. It is a disorder of the immune system that causes the body to react to environmental substances called allergens.

Typical allergens include pollens (trees, grasses, and weeds), dust mites, and molds. An allergic reaction may manifest as skin eczema, hives, hay fever, asthma, or sensitivity to a food. Rarely, allergic reactions can be severe or even life-threatening. Allergy is associated with an increased risk of developing recurrent ear infections, sinus infections, throat problems, and voice disorders. This can seriously affect one's quality of life. Therefore, it is worthwhile to determine whether allergies are present. This information is obtained through allergy testing, a service provided by Suburban Ear, Nose, and Throat. Indeed, better control of allergies is an integral part of treating many of the diseases of the ears, nose, and throat.

There are three important ways to treat allergies:
(1) allergy proof your environment to decrease allergen exposure,
(2) oral and topical medications to diminish your body's reaction to the allergens, and
(3 ) immunotherapy.

The principle of immunotherapy is desensitize the immune system to the allergens. Over time, this will hopefully achieve better allergy control and possibly eliminate some medications.

We offer two types of immunotherapy: allergy shots and sublingual drops. To learn about these and determine whether you would be an appropriate candidate, please contact your doctor at Suburban Ear, Nose, and Throat at (847) 259-2530.

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